Crossplane Architecture Framework

The Upbound Crossplane Architecture Framework provides recommendations and describes best practices for building on top of Crossplane. It’s designed to help architects, platform teams, and cloud practitioners design API abstractions and operate control planes that are secure, resilient, and high-performing.

The Crossplane experts at Upbound have validated the design recommendations and best practices defined in this framework.

What’s inside

This framework organizes content into three sections:

  • Constructing custom APIs defines a set of best practices for how organizations should approach building custom APIs using Crossplane compositions and configurations.
  • Architect with control planes defines a set of viable design patterns to incorporate when designing an architecture with control planes.
  • Interface integrations provides baseline recommendations for integrating with common control plane interfaces (frontends, monitoring, etc).

Next steps

Start by taking the self-evaluation exercise defined in this framework. The self-eval helps think about relevant business requirements which is important to understand before you consider how to build on top of Crossplane.