The Upbound up command-line enables interaction with Upbound managed control planes. It also simplifies common workflows with Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP) and building Crossplane packages for the Upbound Marketplace or any OCI-compliant registry.

Install the Up command-line

Install the up command-line via shell, Homebrew or Linux package.

Install the latest version of the up command-line via shell script by downloading the install script from Upbound.

Shell install is the preferred method for installing the up command-line.

The shell install script automatically determines the operating system and platform architecture an installs the correct binary.

curl -sL "https://cli.upbound.io" | sh

Install a specific version of up by providing the version.

For example, to install version v0.12.1 use the following command:

curl -sL "https://cli.upbound.io" | VERSION=v0.12.1 sh

Find the full list of versions in the Up command-line repository.

Homebrew is a package manager for Linux and Mac OS.

Install the up command-line with a Homebrew tap using the command:

brew install upbound/tap/up

Upbound provides both .deb and .rpm packages for Linux platforms.

Downloading packages requires both the version and CPU architecture (linux_amd64, linux_arm, linux_arm64).

Debian package install

curl -sLo up.deb "https://cli.upbound.io/stable/${VERSION}/deb/linux_${ARCH}/up.deb"

RPM package install

curl -sLo up.rpm "https://cli.upbound.io/stable/${VERSION}/rpm/linux_${ARCH}/up.rpm"