Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP) is the Upbound commercially supported version of Crossplane. UXP consists of upstream Crossplane and Upbound-specific enhancements and patches.

About Universal Crossplane

UXP is open source and Crossplane conformant.

UXP installs into an existing Kubernetes cluster. UXP extends the Kubernetes API using Custom Resource Definitions to support Crossplane resource types.

Universal Crossplane pods

UXP installs two pods into the Kubernetes cluster, inside the upbound-system namespace, by default.

kubectl get pods -n upbound-system
NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS      AGE
crossplane-58b797d5c-fcsgc                1/1     Running   0             16h
crossplane-rbac-manager-59f79b9cd-fh4qx   1/1     Running   0             16h
  • crossplane - The crossplane pod is the core controller that extends Kubernetes and installs Crossplane extensions like Providers.
  • crossplane-rbac-manager - The crossplane-rbac-manager pod allows Crossplane to create and dynamically adjust Kubernetes Role-based access control (RBAC) for Crossplane resources in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • upbound-bootstrapper - Only deployed if explicitly enabled, adds the AWS Marketplace controller that registers this instance with AWS Marketplace.
The Up command-line installs Universal Crossplane using a Helm chart. Download the chart from charts.upbound.io to see the full details of the Universal Crossplane install.