Upbound Console

Upbound’s Console is the command and control for users to operate their organization’s internal cloud platforms. The Console consolidates management of your internal cloud platforms under a single pane of glass. You can view usage and logs, debug control plane operations, and more across all your control planes.


The default landing page for the Console is the dashboard view. On the dashboard, is a grid view of your managed control planes, along with a horizontally scrolling list of your Git-synced configurations.

Above the dashboard, is Upbound’s top navigation bar. The Navigation bar can:

  • Return to the control planes dashboard
  • Organization settings and management
  • Help and documentation
  • the Upbound Marketplace
  • Account management and an org picker (if you belong to several organizations)
Upbound Console

Control Plane Explorer

Clicking into a control plane brings you to the control plane explorer. From the control plane explorer you can navigate to its portal, learn how to integrate the control plane with GitOps flows, and the control plane settings.

control plane explorer

MCP and configuration creation

You can create new managed control planes and Git-synced configurations from the dashboard.

Creating a new managed control plane from the Console:

Create an MCP

Creating a new Git-synced configuration from a gallery of starter configurations:

Create a configuration

Organization and team management

Clicking the gear icon (Organization Settings) in the top navigation bar takes you to the organization management pane. You can create new team members, assign roles, and more.

org management

Account management

Clicking on your account profile and selecting My Account takes you to your personal account settings.

Create a personal access token

You can create a personal access token (PAT) from the Account Settings view. Select API Tokens in the left-side menu and then select Create New Token. Use personal access tokens to authenticate to Upbound with the up CLI.

Create a personal access token