Upbound’s access model is organization-based. To perform an action within Upbound, users must belong to an organization that has the appropriate permissions.

Upbound splits the permissions model into organization-level and team-level permissions. Organizations allow users to have one of two roles: users are either Admins or Members.

  • Admins can view and change all repositories, teams, members and robots.
  • Members can only view resources admins grant access to.


Organization admins have every available permission within the organization. Permissions include:

  • Repository management (create repositories; push packages; download private packages)
  • Manage membership (invite or remove users from the org; manage assigned roles)
  • Team management (create teams; assign permissions; associate robots; team settings)
  • Robot management (create robots; delete robots)
  • Organization settings
  • Delete organizations
  • View and interact with the Upbound console


Members can only view resources that admins have granted access to. They can’t create robot accounts or teams. They also don’t have permission to view the Upbound console.