Release Notes

Find below the release notes for all released versions of Upbound Spaces.

Spaces v1.0.1 release notes

  • Export mxp-gateway metrics via otlp-collector

Spaces v1.0.0 release notes

  • controllers: patch against original object
  • Revert “move status.ControlPlaneID and status.HostClusterID to optional”
  • Promote APIs to v1beta1
  • apis: clarify resource descriptions
  • apis/mxp: minimize unused xr fields
  • Stop routing internal traffic in the hub hostcluster through the ingress-controller
  • XManagedControlPlane and hub XHostCluster XRs to v1beta1
  • Introduce CRD lifecycle management through mxe-apis
  • Add external-name to xhostclusterservices composed resource
  • Stop logging bearer token at debug
  • Clean up misc items
  • Update XHostClusterServices resource
  • Update interacting instructions in
  • Minor adjustments to destroy process
  • Enable git source by default and keep it optional
  • kube-control-plane: bump to kube 1.28
  • ArgoCD controller to register ControlPlane as target
  • vcluster: bump memory limit to 400Mi after seeing 270Mi in reality
  • mxp-gateway: use client-go’s transport cache
  • Fix missing tab in comment block
  • Bring vcluster-k8s in tree
  • Return error instead of panic if ctp connection secret ref is unset
  • vcluster: disable its liveness probe pointing to kube-apiserver
  • Observability networkpolicy fixes
  • Fix ssh auth with known_hosts and sub-directory discovery
  • git: fix commit ref bugs
  • git: run through cleanup even if controlplane is not ready
  • Fix otlp-collector networkpolicy ports