Product Lifecycle

Software list

Upbound provides support and software maintenance to paid customers. Supported software products include:

Maintenance and updates

Upbound supports Generally Available releases for a defined time span, depending on the release cycle of the respective component. See below for details. All software follows semantic versioning of X.Y.Z.

  • A major release is a change in the first digit and indicates breaking API changes or for 1.0.0 indicates the first release where the API is complete and stable.
  • A minor release is a change in the second digit and indicates the addition of new features. It may also include new bug fixes that weren’t included in a previous patch release.
  • A patch release is a change in the third digit and only contains bug fixes, no new features.

Spaces schedule

Spaces has a minor release every 3 months. Minor patch releases are available as needed. Upbound provides 6 months of mainstream support and 6 months of maintenance support for each minor release. Only critical security issues and functional bugs deemed critical qualify under maintenance support.

Upbound supports upgrades from one minor version to the next. Upgrades that span more than N+1 or N-1 minor versions isn’t supported.

UXP schedule

UXP follows the Crossplane Release Cycle. UXP has a major release every 3 months. Minor patch releases are available as needed. Upbound provides support for the current + 2 previous minor releases.

Upbound fixes bugs in supported major releases and the latest minor release. Upbound backports only critical bugs (both functional and security) to older minor releases.

Official Provider schedule

Upbound releases Official providers monthly.

Upbound provides support and patch maintenance for the last 12 months of Official Provider releases. You can find the list of Official Providers in the Upbound Marketplace.

Feature launch stages

Upbound’s features are available in one of three stages: preview, generally available, or deprecated.


Preview features are ready for testing by customers. Preview features are often publicly announced, but not necessarily feature-complete. Preview features don’t have an SLA or technical support commitment. Unless stated otherwise by Upbound, it’s intended that you use preview features in test environments only.

Often times, alpha features in Crossplane manifest as preview features in Upbound. Preview features aren’t enabled by default and opt-in, unless stated otherwise.

Generally Available

Generally available features are open to all customers, ready for production use, and covered by Upbound’s SLA.


Deprecated features are features that Upbound plans to remove from the product at some point in the future. Upbound provides customers 12 months notice before discontinuing the feature, unless Upbound replaces it with a feature having materially similar use.


Customers with paid support contracts are eligible for pre-release cuts on an as-needed basis for all covered software.