License Usage

The following are licenses used in the Spaces feature.

Package NameSoftware NameLink to LicenseLicense Name Cloud Metadata API Quantile Runtime go-control-plane validate Google RPC Protobuf groupcache LRU Protobuf gnostic go-cmp go-containerregistry gofuzz uuid mux golang-lru golang-lru simplelru io client_golang client_model common common goautoneg procfs atomic automaxprocs Crypto Net OAuth2 Sync Sys Term Text Time Rate genproto API genproto RPC status inf warnings yaml.v2 yaml.v3 API apiextensions apimachinery pkg apimachinery golang apiserver pkg client-go component-base klog kube-openapi kube-openapi go-json-experiment kube-openapi validation kube-state-metrics utils golang net controller-runtime e2e-framework json structured-merge-diff YAML