Upbound vs Crossplane

Upbound is so much more than Crossplane. Thousands of organizations around the world use Crossplane. Choosing to run the open source project on your own puts you in the business of managing low-level infrastructure to power your control planes. That’s why organizations are choosing Upbound, so they can focus on what matters.

Upbound provides a cloud-native experience for Crossplane. Upbound supplements the core control plane experience with a holistic set of enterprise-grade features to help teams build, deploy, and operate Crossplane at scale. Upbound backs this with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Crossplane and Upbound feature comparison

OSS Crossplane on Managed KubernetesUpbound
Cloud-Native Design
Crossplane environment
Interact with multiple cloud services
Provision control plane in under a minute-
Infinite CRD Limits-
Automatic Upgrades-
Automatic Backups-
API Management
Use compositions
Supports Crossplane community providers
Supports Upbound Official Crossplane providers-
Git-connected Configurations-
Automatic API upgrades-
Get resource events
Operator Console-
Claims Viewer and Debugger-
Direct API Server access
Control Plane CRUD portal-
Out-of-box GitOps integration-


Because Upbound fully manages control planes, Upbound locks down the hosted control plane environment to prevent malicious actors. You may not install arbitrary workloads (Pods, Deployments, etc) on your managed control plane.