Support and maintenance

Official providers are open source and available to all Crossplane users.

Support for official providers follows the product lifecycle and support policy of other Upbound components.

More information is available on the support page.


Official providers have two relevant release numbers:

  • Provider release, for example, provider-aws:v0.17.0
  • Custom Resource Definition (CRD) API version, for example v1beta1

Provider releases

Upbound releases new providers to provide bug fixes and enhancements. Provider versions follow standard semantic versioning (semver) standards of <major>.<minor>.<patch> numbering.

Major version changes have significant changes to provider behavior or breaking changes to general availability CRD APIs.

Minor version changes expand provider capabilities or create breaking changes to alpha or beta CRD APIs. Minor versions never change general availability CRD APIs.

Patch version changes are bug fixes. Provider capabilities and CRD APIs aren’t changed between patch versions.

Release cadence

Upbound releases new versions of the Official Providers on the last Thursday of every month, except for critical bug or security fixes.

You can find an overview of the provider releases for each of the Official Providers: