Spaces are a self-hosting feature of Upbound’s flagship product for platform teams to deploy managed control planes in their self-managed environments. You can install Spaces into any Kubernetes cluster in your own cloud account, on-premises data center, or on the edge. The pricing usage-based and requires an Upbound account and subscription. The billing unit is a Loop.

Billing details

Spaces aren’t connected to Upbound’s global service. To enable proper billing, the Spaces software ships a controller whose responsibility is to collect billing data from your Spaces deployment. The collection and storage of your billing data happens expressly locally within your environment; no data is automatically emitted back to Upbound’s global service. Spaces periodically exports the billing data out of the Spaces controller to a secure file in your environment.

Spaces customers must periodically provide the billing data to Upbound. Contact your Upbound sales representative to learn more.

Export billing data to send to Upbound

To prepare the billing data to send to Upbound, do the following:

  1. Ensure the current context of your kubeconfig points at the Spaces cluster.
  2. Run the export command.
up space billing export
  1. The command creates a billing report that’s zipped up in your current working directory.
  2. Send the output to your Upbound sales representative.

You can find full instructions and command options in the up CLI reference docs.