User accounts in Upbound belong to individuals. Each user can be a member of one or more teams, which have permissions on control planes within an organization. A user can be a member of multiple organizations.

Account settings

You can change your account settings by clicking the profile photo in the top right and selecting My Account in the Upbound Console.

Options available in the Account menu

Change account information

The Account Settings screen allows you to change your password, connect to GitHub, Google or email for authentication or delete your Upbound account.

API Tokens are used to log in with the Up command-line. This token can’t be used as a Kubernetes image pull secret

Create an account

Use the Upbound registration page to create a new user account.

Register with Upbound with your GitHub account, Google account or email.

Choose to sign up with GitHub, Google or Email

Complete the form and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Upbound account creation registration form

Choose a username for your Upbound account. Usernames must be globally unique.

Upbound create a username form

Upbound sends you an email containing a 6-digit PIN. Provide this PIN to confirm your email address.

Example form to insert email confirmation PIN

After submitting your pin your account is now ready.

A screen showing that an Upbound account has been created

Clicking Finish will send you to the Upbound Marketplace.

To make changes to your account login to

Delete an account

Selecting Delete Account in the My Account pane sends a deletion request to Upbound support.

Organizations associated with this account aren’t deleted.

If the user is the primary account for an organization, contact Upbound support to transfer organization ownership.