up xpkg push

Publishes images created by up xpkg build to the Upbound Marketplace.

Users must authenticate to the Upbound Marketplace to push packages.
For more information on the requirements to push an image read the Creating and Pushing Packages section.

up xpkg push


  • <tag> (required) - A tag is the organization, repository and version of the image in the format <organization>/<repository>:<version>.
  • -f, --package <file> (required) - The package from up xpkg build to push to the Upbound Marketplace.
  • --create - Create the repository if it doesn’t exist.


  • Push a package called getting-started.xpkg to the test repository inside the upbound-docs organization. Mark it as version v0.2.
up xpkg push upbound-docs/test:v0.2 -f getting-started.xpkg
xpkg pushed to upbound-docs/test:v0.2