Up Command Reference

The up command-line provides a suite of tools to configure and interact with Upbound technologies.


The following flags are available via up -<flag>.

Short flagLong flagDescription
-h--helpShow context-sensitive help.
--prettyPretty print output.
-q--quietSuppress all output.
-v--versionPrint version and exit.


  • alpha - Pre-release alpha features.
  • controlplane - Interact with Upbound managed control planes.
  • license - Information related to the licensing of the up command-line.
  • login - Authenticate to the Upbound Cloud Platform.
  • logout - Logout of the Upbound Cloud Platform.
  • organization - Manage Upbound Cloud Platform organizations.
  • profile - Manage Upbound Cloud Platform profiles.
  • repository - Manage repositories hosted on the Upbound Cloud Platform.
  • robot - Manage Upbound Cloud Platform robot accounts.
  • uxp - Install, upgrade or uninstall Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP).